I believe in the kind of love that doesn’t demand me to prove my worth and sit in anxiety. I crave a natural connection, where my soul is able to recognize a feeling of home in another. Advertisements


I’ve met many people throughout my life. Some of them were of my age, some younger and some elder. Everyone was perfect at one or the other thing. But this silly heart kept on searching for someone perfect at everything and then I found You.! Thanks for coming!! 


I know I behave different, I know I react differently, I know I have strange friends group, I have different dreams, I have different views, All I want is to live a normal life,  A normal life with you.

Thank you

Since you’ve been around I smile a lot more than I use to. Thanks for being there.


You came in my life when I lost all hopes, You stayed with me and kept me happy, You gave me attention and make me feel special, But I still cry for that time to come back, Now that you left me, Left me in broken pieces, Dying for somebody to heal them, Again, this…


We both were in a tough mental condition before we got together, We both had a beautiful time when we were together, We had fights, We had beautiful moments, Misunderstandings came, time wasn’t in our favour, and here we are now, alone, separated, BROKEN I JUST WISH YOU STAY HAPPY. ~Broken Heart


“Hope, it hurts but it’s real.” This Universe is standing only on one thing and that is HOPE. Hope makes this universe going on and on from so many many years because hope make us learn those thing which we can’t in ease like it helps us in gaining patience, it give us time to think…


“Trust me I trusted you.” Trust, this should not be consider as normal thing in our life. This is the only thing which can make you stand brightly, confidently in this life.  Trust is the factor which can give you everything and also can take everything from you. There’s always been talks about trusting issues,…


“It is hard adjust to the reality of looking at You and seeing a stranger once again.” Do you ever remember that you met a person for the very first time as a stranger and as a time passes you to get along and becomes besties for life, but suddenly you are not so close…


“Most stable thing in Universe – Memories“ Memories are the only thing you can keep them safe and secure for life with you.         The only thing you can say is stable, they’ll never change or never betray you or cheat on you they will remain unchanged forever this is the best part…


Welcome to the very first post of Words Unvoiced , if you’re first time visitor then you may also read this. “Deeds of a person are his own Thoughts” Thoughts may be random but they can effect us in a way that we can’t even think of. If you’re thinking of something good then it will…

Welcome [Words]

Welcome to the “Words Unvoiced” here you’ll find the “Words” about thoughts you may have or not but they are deep inside but are never voiced. Thoughts may be random, stabilise, funny, realistic, pure etc. i.e thoughts can be categorised under anything but the thing is there are some thoughts which are never described in…